About Us Delta Dijlh LLC. Overview
Welcome to DELTA DIJLH LLC Worldwide. 

Delta Dijlh is a corporative company with separate branches dealing with different aspects of the technology majorly the communications, computers hardware and software industries to provide the facilities that reinforce security, optimize business, reduce distance and improve quality.
MobiIraq: SMS/GPRS Services, established in 2006

Dijtel: Dijlh Telecommunications deals with all kinds of remote communications using Satellite, Point to Point Laser, Fiber optical, WiFiber …etc

Our Products:
Instant Messaging Software for Enterprise Solutions (Government & Large Companies)
GPS Tracking System for Vehicles (Government)
Data Card System for Government's or Companies' Employees
Secure Virtual Private Networks over Satellite
PHP5/ASP.Net (VB.Net & C#.Net) Complete Web-Based Solutions