DIJLH IT provides robust online solutions and services targeted at small to medium sized enterprises dedicated to enhancing e-business.
Our services include enterprise-strength web hosting dedicated servers web design & development reseller solutions, advertising and custom software development.

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DIJLH IT creative designers and experienced programmers are creating online solutions for our clients. Find out how we can improve your online image with our development services..

DIJLH  is the leading provider of advanced managed hosting solutions. We have the experienced team, high-end equipment, and cutting-edge technology for all your needs..

DIJLH dedicated server packages offer the power and freedom of a dedicated server, including root access, at a fraction of the cost. Bring your business to another level..

DIJLH the leading provider of Bulk SMS software & services, and SMS Gateway connections, with coverage to 550 networks 170 countries advertising, marketing, and public relations..

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Golden line Iraqi ISP company one of Dijlh's companies start its services in Baghdad to provide internet wireless service with coverage of AL Ammriya, Hay AL Gamiaa And AL Mansour.

Coming Soon Dijlh's Team working hard to finish The largest Iraqi gate on the internet In corporation with a ministry of the Iraqi communications

DIJLH IT is one of the largest Iraq online marketing and Advertisement Solutions Provider. Our success in all banners, bulk SMS, and Bulk Email Shots Advertisement.

Friday, May 12, 2006
01.01.2006 / Uruklink (SCIS)  the largest internet service provider in Iraq entry like a third partner to the DIJLH IT founder.

13.12.2005 /  SMS advertising elections campaign for Iraqi Tawafuq front
200000 SMS has been sent.

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