Fleet Management & GPS

Know where your fleet goes, know what your fleet does.

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CCTV, CRM and ERP business solutions

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Military Qualified systems provide the intelligence you need for today’s and tomorrow’s missions.


Know where your fleet goes, know what your fleet does

fleet-managementOur fleet management solutions enables you to track the physical location of your vehicles and mobile workforce in real-time with GPS fleet tracking, helping your company:

  • Significantly reduce fuel & insurance costs
  • Improve driver safety
  • Reduce operating & maintenance expenses
  • Decrease your environmental footprint
  • Increase profits and margins

DELTA Track MobileDELTA Track for mobile

Fleet maintenance has never been so easy as our portfolio of mobile apps help you remain compliant with commercial vehicle driver hours of service regulations, be prepared for DVIR roadside inspections, and dispatch orders. With our fleet management software, you can keep an eye on your fleet and mobile workers at anytime, from anywhere.

DELTA Track for mobile now available for : Android & IOS smartphones and tablets.

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Do you know where your high-value assets are?

No matter what business you are in, equipment theft can hurt you.

Our GPS asset tracking software enables you to track your high-value assets in real-time, therefore you can avoid unexpected financial losses and run your business with peace of mind.

geofencesGet notified when your truck has entered the selected destination area.

Need to know when your truck has arrived? Simply set up an email alert through our GPS fleet tracking software to alert you when your truck has entered the select destination area. Stay informed with real-time notifications within points of interest that are critical to your business.

Fuel ManagementFuel Management

DELTA Track integrates with fuel software, allowing customers to manage their fuel expenses through MPG and cost-per-mile in order to analyze fuel spend throughout your fleet. DELTA Track makes fleet maintenance easy to understand and eliminates bad odometer readings.

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CCTV & Security

Total security technology solutions provider to satisfy a broad range of network based applications.

Military Qualified systems

Provide the intelligence you need for today’s and tomorrow’s missions.

Fleet Management & GPS

Know where your fleet goes, know what your fleet does.

CRM and ERP solutions

Energize and empower customer engagement with real-time information and collaboration.


Communication and control to enhance productivity, safety, and efficiency.

Who we are ?

Delta Dijlh Ltd: We are a pioneer provider and developer of high-tech IT and security solutions in Iraq. Since the company was established in 2008, we have become the most reliable choice by both government organizations and the private sector, recognized as the Iraqi number one provider of tracking and monitoring services, surveillance systems and secure communications.


  •  Many branches in Iraq.
  • High quality products.
  •  24/7 Technical support.
  • After-sales service.
  •  Highly trained staff.
  •  Competitive prices.


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