DIJLH Software, established in 2001, is a leading provider of integrated web solutions. Providing an innovative approach to marketing your business on the WWW through strong design and sound marketing techniques.

For the sole purpose of providing professional IT solutions in Iraq. With modest beginnings as a web hosting company, we have grown to provide complete IT solutions -- including, but not limited to dedicated servers, network consulting and planning, customized programming solutions, and server support services. We have grown from a small one-office company, to the number 1 web hosting provider in iraq.

DIJLH develops high quality, customized, powerful web solutions, offering web design, web development and database driven web sites , e-business solutions, interactive multimedia web sites, multimedia presentations, on-line marketing and search engine optimization. Now DIJLH IT is one of the largest Iraqi online marketing and Advertisement Solutions Provider. Our success in all banners, bulk SMS, and Bulk Email Shots Advertisement.

From initial consultation through to the launch of the web site and after, the online marketing of your site, our consultants will take you through all stages of development and marketing.

A web site is your corporate identity on the Internet; the impression it conveys holds the visitor's attention and makes them come back over and over again. DIJLH Software creates professional, customized sites which will meet your online goals and effectively establish your presence on the internet.

Have you already got a web site that is not giving you a return on your investment? DIJLH Software will analyze your web site and working closely with potential clients, develop an online marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business.

Whether you want to sell, promote, inform or simply have a Web presence, DIJLH Software will create a Web Site to suit your needs and will promote your website to help you communicate your message as effectively as possible to your specific target audience.

Finally, we would like to thank our clients. Without their constant support and feedback, we would not have reached where we are today. We promise to always expand our horizons, finding practical uses for "buzzword" technologies, and realizing business benefits that please both our clients, and our environment.

DIJLH IT Services

- Domain Name Registration
- Website Hosting Services
- Website Design Services
- Servers Protection Service
- Servers Sale & Lease
- Electronic Consulting Service
- Databases Integration Service
- Electronic Payment System
- Programming Services

Founders / Management Team

  Mr. Haydar AL Saady - General Manger
  Mr. Ahmed Khalaf - Servers Administrator
  Mr. Adnan AL Rawi - Network solutions Administrator


Clients Our best work comes from close working relationship with our clients. Those relationships allow us to develop a clear understanding of our clients mission, ideas and brand. We leverage this knowledge into compelling design solutions that meet our clients business objectives.

  Uruk (SCSI) internet service provider

  Sabbrah general limited contracts

  Iraqi Tawafuq front

  Dar.E.Salam investment Bank (HSBC)

  AL Zawraa Iraqi satellite channel TV

  AL Adala Iraqi newspaper

  Iraqi Tawafuq front

  Iraq master web forums

Asharq center for media projects

  man 4 Arab MUTED forums

  7shasha Iraqi web forums

  The meeting place of the Iraq youth

  AL Nahrain Iraqi library

  Iraqi Quran Network

  Klmmat community & forums
  Iraqi falcons general chat rooms

  Alf Baa Iraqi magazine

  Al Srkha sounds studios

  Mobi Iraq web forums

  DIJLH Net Iraqi meeting place

   Golden Line HSP & wireless ISP

  Golden Line network solutions

  Baghdad4ever web forums

  AL Khadraa health center

And 64 others Clients trusted us to manage there business..

Working Hours
-- Head quarters:
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Sat - Wed); Thursday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM; Friday Closed
-- Sales:
11:30 AM - 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM - 9:30 PM (Sat - Wed); Thursday 11:30 AM - 4:00 PM; Friday Closed

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